Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap

Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Product image 1Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
Product image 2Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap
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Let's face it, everyone loves a keg.  The beer tastes better, it's better for the environment and it's just damn cool.

Not everyone loves the hassle of setting up a keg.  We like to describe it as "keg stress"... That moment when you have the keg full of beer... there's thirsty blokes breathing down your neck... but you can't get a decent beer to pour!

Thankfully, we've taken the stress out of tapping kegs. In fact, we bet you'll be set up and pouring in under a minute!  You'll think "shit, that was easy!"



"I had no idea that setting up a keg could be so fast and easy! No more wasting time and beer mucking around with jockey boxes. Just lock in and pour. Amazing." David

"Our friends are still raving about our party! They loved pouring their own beers and it was actually easier than catering with slabs. AND there was no picking up empty stubbies the next day!" Jack

"I have a great local brewery in my home town so I'm really looking forward to being able to take their beer with me to enjoy straight from the keg anywhere I like - my next fishing trip for starters!" Glyn

Technical Specs

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The Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap is designed and manufactured in Australia.

This unit is one solid beast, constructed primarily of solid Food Grade Stainless Steel and polished chromed Brass.

Comes with the 4 coupler options - A-Type, D-Type, S-Type and G-Type, or choose 2 couplers for an additional $35.  (If you aren't sure what coupler type you need, download this handy guide we made).

Dimensions when assembled: 59h x 24w x 17d
Weight: 3kgs 

How To Videos

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Set Up 

How to install and change a coupler

When you first received your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap, it will come with 1 or 2 couplers. You will need to install a coupler of your choice before you can attach Keg Mate to your keg. Watch as Jack shows you how it's done...


How to attach your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap to your keg

Get your keg ready to pour your first beer...


How to pour your first beer

Watch Jack as he gives you some tips for the perfect pour...



Help! I've screwed on the coupler and it doesn't line up properly!

When you set you tap up for the first time, it is very common for the coupler to be misaligned.  This is due to slight variations in the thread in the production process.  Luckily, there's a very simple solution.  Watch as Jack shows you what to do...


Troubleshooting tips & Tricks

Watch Jack's top tips to get the most out of your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap...


Shipping and Delivery

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We offer standard and express shipping options via Australia Post.

As a guide, the following is what you can expect to pay for shipment of 1 Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap (note: shipping will be more for multiple taps and less for accessories):

NSW/ACT/VIC/QLD - $25 standard shipping and $65 express shipping.

SA/TAS - $30 standard shipping and $70 express shipping.

NT/WA - $35 standard shipping and $75 express shipping.

We aim to ship your order the next business day, but we'll notify you if there's going to be a delay.

We currently do not ship to international addresses.




Here's a few things you'll be chuffed about


You're friends will be talking about your impressive line up for months!


You won't waste a drop getting your keg tapped, and because Keg Mate is a CO2 tap, your amber ale will stay fresh for up to 9 months if stored correctly. 


We reckon the markup on stubbies/cans compared to kegs is about 20% making kegs the more economical choice!  4-5 kegs and you've paid for your Keg Mate in savings!


Take your favourite brew camping, to the park or a mate's house, without needing a trailer load of equipment! Just pack your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap, a bin and some ice and you're set - oh, and the keg of course!


Pickup your gas cylinder for your keg at the same time!  Keg Mate uses readily available CO2 cylinders such as SodaStream.  You can swap and go at any major supermarket saving you a trip to a specialty supplier to get them refilled.


Try something new and keep everyone happy and tap a keg of ginger beer or cider. We even tapped a keg of Gin & Tonic recently!  Impress your friends with something different at your next party - maybe even a keg of Bundy! A simple adaptor kit will convert your Keg Mate for stout beer also (coming soon)...  


No one likes cleaning up cans and bottles after a good night (ie: with a hang over).   Never overflow your recycling bins again - just roll out your empty keg.

Watch Christie Tap a Keg a pour a beer for the first time ever

Christie is a beer novice.  This is literally her first attempt ever at tapping a keg and pouring a beer.  She's a bit slow on the pour, and bit heavy on the pressure release, but still manages to get the job done in under a minute!




Click on a question below to expand and view the answer.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, please get in touch.

If you'd like to watch Jack show you how to set up and use the Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap, head to our How To Video page


Do kegs work out cheaper than cases?

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The short answer is yes.

Obviously there is variance depending on the brand of beer and the outlets and establishments you are purchasing the cases and kegs from.

However, in our experience, we have discovered that you can save around 15-20% by buying kegs over cases when you compare the same volume and type of beer.

How do I know what coupler to buy?

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A coupler is the adaptor that attaches Keg Mate to the keg itself.  In Australia there are two primary couplers used and it is imperative that you know which coupler your keg requires otherwise you risk not being able to connect your Keg Mate.  That is the definition of disaster right there!

To help you out we've put together a list Coupler Types by Brand.  If your beer isn't on this list, just get in touch with your local pub/brewery and ask them what coupler they use.  Simple!

What if I need another coupler down the track, do I have to buy a whole new Keg Mate tap?

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No.  You can swap and change your couplers as required. Changing a coupler over on your tap is as simple as unscrewing it and screwing a new one on.

Can I buy more than one coupler?

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 Absolutely! You can upgrade your Keg Mate tap at the time of purchase to include an additional coupler.  Or you can revisit our store at any time and purchase a coupler separately for $45.

How do I keep the keg cold?

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Very valid question.  Keg Mate is designed for short term keg uses such as events, parties, bbqs or short trips away.  In these types of situations, we find a bin with ice on a pre-chilled keg works fine as long as you keep the keg in the shade and keep the ice up.  If you're after a more permanent kegging solution for your home and you have a coolroom or a spare large fridge, then you're sorted, otherwise there are probably better solutions out there for you.

How many gas cylinders will I need?

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We find that 1 regular Soda Stream bottle will dispense close to a 50L keg give or take.

Where do I get kegs from?

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You can usually organise a keg from any brewery or pub if you give them advance notice.  They will likely want to take a bond payment on the keg itself to ensure you return it when empty.

Some establishments may try to deter you as they will assume you will want them to set the keg up for you.

Once they realise you have your own independent set up, I'm sure they'll be very happy to take your cash and roll the keg out the door for you!

Sydney and Melbourne dwellers also have the additional services or to utilise.

What sort of kegs work with Keg Mate?

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Any commercial style kegs will be compatible with the Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap.

Homebrew mini kegs with a ball lock disconnect are not compatible.

Keg Mate can be used to decant almost anything from a commercial keg including beer, spirit mixers, cider, ginger beer and wine.

To decant stout beer, you would require a Nitrogen adaptor kit which will be coming soon...

Can I use Keg Mate with stout beer?

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Not as is.  You will need to use Nitrogen rather than CO2 (otherwise your stout will be too heady).  Stay tuned for the Keg Mate Nitro Conversion Kit, or email us for more information on how you can do it yourself...

How long can I keep my keg?

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Your keg will keep well for up to 9-12 months if you look after it well and store it correctly.

Some tips to store your keg for optimal shelf life include:

- Try to maintain the keg at a consistent temperature.  Avoid large fluctuations.

- Keep the keg out of the sun

- Pressurise after each use

To pressurise the beer after each use, turn the gas on your Keg Mate up to 20psi. You will be able to hear the gas filling the keg. When the gas sound subsides, squeeze and lift coupler handle to disengage the tap. Turn gas to the 'OFF' position and release the pressure from the regulator by pulling the pressure release valve on the side of the regulator. You can leave your Keg Mate on top of the keg and the gas cylinder attached to Keg Mate so you're ready for next time!

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