Keg Mate Cap

Keg Mate Cap

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I know it's hard to look cooler than when you've just tapped a keg and poured the perfect beer in under a minute in front of all your mates, but we think it is possible with this stylish piece of gear! 

Please note: this item has a 3 week lead time.


"I had no idea that setting up a keg could be so fast and easy! No more wasting time and beer mucking around with jockey boxes. Just lock in and pour. Amazing." David

"Our friends are still raving about our party! They loved pouring their own beers and it was actually easier than catering with slabs. AND there was no picking up empty stubbies the next day!" Jack

"I have a great local brewery in my home town so I'm really looking forward to being able to take their beer with me to enjoy straight from the keg anywhere I like - my next fishing trip for starters!" Glyn

Technical Specs

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The Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap is designed and manufactured in Australia.

This unit is one solid beast, constructed primarily of solid Food Grade Stainless Steel and polished chromed Brass.

Comes with the 4 coupler options - A-Type, D-Type, S-Type and G-Type, or choose 2 couplers for an additional $35.  (If you aren't sure what coupler type you need, download this handy guide we made).

Dimensions when assembled: 59h x 24w x 17d
Weight: 3kgs 

How To Videos

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Set Up 

How to install and change a coupler

When you first received your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap, it will come with 1 or 2 couplers. You will need to install a coupler of your choice before you can attach Keg Mate to your keg. Watch as Jack shows you how it's done...


How to attach your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap to your keg

Get your keg ready to pour your first beer...


How to pour your first beer

Watch Jack as he gives you some tips for the perfect pour...



Help! I've screwed on the coupler and it doesn't line up properly!

When you set you tap up for the first time, it is very common for the coupler to be misaligned.  This is due to slight variations in the thread in the production process.  Luckily, there's a very simple solution.  Watch as Jack shows you what to do...


Troubleshooting tips & Tricks

Watch Jack's top tips to get the most out of your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap...


Shipping and Delivery

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We offer standard and express shipping options via Australia Post.

As a guide, the following is what you can expect to pay for shipment of 1 Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap (note: shipping will be more for multiple taps and less for accessories):

NSW/ACT/VIC/QLD - $25 standard shipping and $65 express shipping.

SA/TAS - $30 standard shipping and $70 express shipping.

NT/WA - $35 standard shipping and $75 express shipping.

We aim to ship your order the next business day, but we'll notify you if there's going to be a delay.

We currently do not ship to international addresses.



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