How To Videos

Set Up

How to build your Keg Mate 

When you first receive your Keg Mate, it will come in parts.  This video will show you how to put it together ready to use for the first time.


How to install and change a coupler

In this video, Jack will show you how to change a coupler if you need to...


How to attach your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap to your keg

Get your keg ready to pour your first beer...


How to pour your first beer

Watch Jack as he gives you some tips for the perfect pour...



Help! I've screwed on the coupler and it doesn't line up properly!

When you set you tap up for the first time, it is very common for the coupler to be misaligned.  This is due to slight variations in the thread in the production process.  Luckily, there's a very simple solution.  Watch as Jack shows you what to do...


Troubleshooting tips & Tricks

Watch Jack's top tips to get the most out of your Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap...


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