Have you ever been frustrated by an overly complicated keg setup?  Yeah, us too.  

There's no bigger anti-climax than rocking up with a super cool keg only to waste an hour mucking around trying to get the damn thing to pour a decent beer!

Thankfully it doesn't have to be like that anymore. In fact, it can be really simple with Keg Mate. Here's a few things you'll go nuts about next time you have a keg:  

You'll save time

You'll be set up and pouring your first perfect beer in under a minute. You'll think "shit, that was easy!"

You'll save beer

You won't waste a drop getting your keg tapped, and because Keg Mate is a CO2 tap, your liquid gold will stay fresh for around 9 months if stored correctly. 

You can go anywhere you like

Enjoy the freedom of being able to take your favourite brew camping, to the park, or a mate's house, without needing a trailer load of equipment!

You won't have to muck around

Picking up some snags for the BBQ from your local supermarket?  Easy! Pickup your gas cylinder for your keg at the same time!  Keg Mate uses readily available CO2 cylinders such as SodaStream.  You can swap and go at any major supermarket saving you the headache of getting them refilled.

You'll never be bored

Try something new and keep everyone happy and tap a keg of ginger beer or cider. A simple adaptor kit will convert your Keg Mate for stout beer also.  

You won't be put on clean up duty

No one likes cleaning up cans and bottles after a good night (ie: with a hang over).  Never overflow your recycling bins again - just roll out your empty keg.


"I had no idea that setting up a keg could be so fast and easy!  No more wasting time and beer mucking around with jockey boxes.  Just lock in and pour. Amazing." David

 "I picked up a 50L keg 6 months ago for my coolroom. So far, I've only used half my Sodastream canister and the beer is still as fresh as the day I bought it! Happy days." Jack

 "I have a great local brewery in my home town so I'm really looking forward to being able to take their beer with me to enjoy straight from the keg anywhere I like - my next fishing trip for starters!" Glyn


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