Neat & tidy - directly dispense from the smart looking Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap straight from the keg.  No digging for plastic hoses in an ice bath, or stumbling over messy jockey boxes!

Keg preservation - the Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap serves using CO2 so your keg won't go stale.  Keep your unfinished keg (if you're lucky) in a spare fridge or coolroom for 9+ months!

Convenient gas - no need to refill specialty gas cylinder.  Just pick up a Sodastream bottle from your local supermarket or service station and you're right to go!

Highly portable - the compact design of the Keg Mate Easy Beer Tap makes it easy to set up remote location bars.  No need for bulky equipment.

Quick to set up - You'll be set up in under a minute and drinking the first beer you pour. 

Economical - One Sodastream bottle will service up to two 50L kegs!



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